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No setup, not tools, no nothing. I have been the victim of stalking and harassment through use of apps like these. I'm on my fourth phone number in a month and he just keeps getting back in. I replaced my phone and changed the phone number at the same time, and immediately started getting phone calls from random numbers, so I believe he is back in again.

I'm going around emailing developers now to try and get some information on the person stalking me. I have to say I'm not too impressed with these apps, and frankly, I think they would do nothing more than damage the parent-child relationship anyway. So definitely, developers, let's figure out how to prevent these apps from being installed in the first place.

It's an absolute crock. What were you doing to make the person you were married to do something like that to you? Sounds like you deserved it!!!!

'State of Surveillance' with Edward Snowden and Shane Smith (VICE on HBO: Season 4, Episode 13)

Replace the word 'kids' with 'cheating spouse' and you'll find you've empowered many a victimized spouse. It's not illegal if I bought him the phone in the first place and my name's on the phone.

Using Existing Phone Lines for IP and PoE Transmission in Surveillance Systems.

Yes it must already be over but unfortunately he introduced disloyalty into the marriage and I can't leave based on 'suspicions', so it can't be officially OVER until I have proof. This may be low but it's lower for him to take another 15 faithful years of my life without doing the same in return. I deserve a man who will be exclusive and won't ever make me consider stooping this low. I mean, how hard can it be to stay faithful? I've managed to turn down offers and dates from good catches because of my vow, why can't he?

I too am in this ugly matrix of life and we do not deserve it. Wasted 20 years of my life being blind and I will not allow this to waste anymore. Here's to you Amber! You know you are absolutely correct. No one is obligated to do shit. So you continue to be a stalking secret squirrel spy and consign and enable the behavior of others that are Just like you.

Aaaaaand while you are doing as such YOU can go phuk yourself too!

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But it has no call interception feature. Just things like sms, gps, whatsapp, safari and so on.

Free trial is available. Oh, and how will you like it when your tech savvy teenager turns the application on you. I'll bet you won't be so happy you brought in the house in the first place. Good luck explaining why you think it's okay for you to spy on him, but are really, really upset when you find out it is happening to you. You get what you give. What comes around, will go around.

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Good luck. Kids also need space and freedom to grow and evolve, as well as privacy and boundaries. Understandably, there are advantages, and sometimes the need, to know if you can trust a sitter or another person. These apps are advertised for "parents", but they attract a lot of creepy motives and behaviors. We need an equal amount of attention to detecting these devices illegally used by undignified losers.

The public, not just web savvy developers and tweeters, but people of all walks should know how easy it is to violate their privacy and more I happen to be related to someone like that It's disgusting. With all these surveillance apps your going to need a fair amount of power. One time I went to work and my daughter is in her swimming lessons when I received a message saying she is having an emergency.

The automatic voice call of her Just5 phone enabled me to talk to her. She had an accident and is currently inside the school clinic. Just5 phone really works well. Set up custom text or email alerts to notify you of the activity you care about most.

The Ethics (or not) of Massive Government Surveillance

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We have wireless reporting systems that can act as the primary reporting or as a backup to your landline phone. This system will allow you to ditch your landline phone, or feel secure that your alarm will still contact authorities in case your phone line is cut. Cellular signals use wireless digital transmission, just like your cell phone, to transmit alarm signals to the monitoring station.

In comparison to other phone services, cellular radio can carry more data at greater speeds. Since the connection is wireless, cellular radio is generally tamper-proof, so deliberate outages are rare. Originally developed for rigorous military installations, patented mesh radio technology was designed solely for alarm communications. This type of service creates a redundant network of devices that produce a highly reliable connection to the central station.

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Each installed device acts as a node in the network. When one node goes down due to a power loss or other factor, devices still have connectivity to the network through the other nodes that are installed. In areas where mesh-radio is available, the system can be as reliable as traditional phone lines. You can call our office , or fill out the form below, and we can give you more information about the services we provide.