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What are the drawbacks of Mobile Spy? SpyToMobile is the 5 th entry on our list. The app allows you to spy on Facebook Messenger activity on target Android phones. You can use the app to read SMS messages, access contact lists and call history, and check the device locations. You get more features with most other apps.

You get a disappointing set of features for the asking price. Mobiestealth is a surveillance app for both Android and iOS target platforms. However, note that it can only spy on Facebook Messenger on Android devices. Mobistealth offers a number of features in addition to Facebook Messenger spy. The app allows you to read SMS messages, check Gmail, see Locations, check photos and videos, and much more. Does Mobistealth have any drawbacks? As we mentioned, it only allows you to spy on Facebook Messenger on Android devices.

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Note, though, that the Facebook Messenger spy feature only works with target Android devices. Rooting is hard. It also leaves the device vulnerable.

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TheTruthSpy is one of the free spy apps for Facebook messenger. It also offers a limited feature set on target iOS devices. If you want to access Facebook Messenger on a target Android device, you could use this app. Note that it requires a rooted target device. The TruthSpy app allows you to spy on Facebook messages free without the phone. It does have a somewhat dated interface, though. It also requires the target device to be rooted.

If you can put up with that, you have a decent spying solution at hand. For the price, you can access Facebook Messenger on Android phones only. Also absent are features like Facebook photo, video, and audio logging.

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The penultimate entry on our list is Highster Mobile. This free Facebook Messenger spy for Android allows you to spy on Facebook messenger on target devices. Highster mobile allows you to access call logs, messages, locations, and social media apps, including Messenger. Is there a drawback to Highster mobile? The final entry on our list is SMS Peeper. It emails you the latest messages sent or received on the target phone number.

What are Facebook texts? If Facebook texts are enabled, SMS Peeper will be able to intercept all messages and send a log to your email. Features like contact viewing and media access are completely absent. To sum it up, Spyic and Cocospy are the only two apps that work with both Android and iOS target devices without jailbreak or root. Also, they allow you to spy on Facebook Messenger activity remotely, without being detected. Here are some of the other reasons why Spyic is such an outstanding app: Spyic is discreet Whether you use Spyic with iOS or Android, you will never be found out.

Spyic works remotely Once Spyic has been installed, you can operate it remotely from any web browser. No jailbreak or root is needed As we mentioned before, Spyic operates without jailbreak and root.

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Is more than a simple Facebook Messenger spy app Spyic is much more than a simple Facebook Messenger spy app. This includes private as well as group chats. Check timestamps: When did the chat start and how long did it last? See contact info: Who is your loved one talking to? You can check contact names, phone numbers, addresses, display pictures, and even job descriptions when available.

You will see who they talk to and where they go. If they send a text message and delete it you will see them do that:.

spy sms text messages apk download

Notice the click chart at the bottom. It shows you the time of day where they are most active. Clicking one of the bars will take you that point in time of the video. One neat thing to try is to click the live button down by the video player. Then put the Android phone in your other hand. Click different screens on the Android phone the phone that you put the spy phone app apk download file on and you will see it show up in the video player in near realtime.

It is a great way to watch them as they are using phone.

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After that they are automatically deleted. Just use the calendar at the top of the video player to pick the day you want to view:. The spy phone app apk download that you did above will automatically start erasing the older pcTattletale recordings after a week. So by downloading them you can keep them forever. The pcTattletale spy phone app is also recording where they are at. We log their location every time they lock and unlock their phone plus every 15 min. You can view these location points on a map. It will look like this:. As you can see the pcTattletale spy phone app is very powerful and fairly easy to install.

The best part is you do not need to root their Android phone to get all these advanced spying abilities. We all use service like Google, YouTube, and Facebook without every paying a dime. It makes us think all software should be free. These services are selling ads to make their services free.

You would be shocked at the amount of personal information they have collected about us to server their advertisers. The Truth is software is expensive especially making spy phone app apk download files. Hiring developers is expensive because it takes thousands of hours to build and test a spy phone app like pcTattletale. If it does not work or you have questions you need someone to contact right?

Who pays for that exactly?

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Even storing all those videos requires massive computing power. Our pcTattletale data storage bill is more than my house payment.