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Follow the link to your Panel and enter your account with login credentials. Once logged in to your Panel you will see an installation Wizard, which will help you to install the app on the target mobile phone and set up the device. How can I get a refund? We provide full refunds within ten days following the day of the purchase since the refund reasons do not contradict Refund Policy conditions.

Our Customer Support successfully deals with different issues and problems that may appear. Contact them with any difficulty that may arise, and they will address it promptly.

If you use mSpy to monitor the iOS running device, the logs will be updated within 24 hours since the moment of the latest backup. The update takes such amount of time because backups can sometimes reach up to few gigabytes of data and depend on the Internet speed. If you apply mSpy to track activity on the Android smartphone, the logs will be updated according to the update intervals you choose.

The update intervals determine how frequently does mSpy app connects to the server to transfer the collected logs to your Control Panel. Update intervals affect the battery life of the smartphone. Short update intervals less than 10 min may significantly decrease the phone battery performance and longevity. Please, keep in mind that sometimes the update may take longer than usual due to mobile data speed. The device you monitor has to be connected to the Internet to allow the mSpy app to send collected logs to your Control Panel.

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The mSpy software relies on the stable Internet connection to present the newest information on the activity performed. The app can use both Wi-Fi and mobile data. Please note that with one subscription package you can track only one mobile phone. You can change the smartphone monitored for free during the subscription period as many times as you want to. But if you intend to track two mobile phones simultaneously, you will need to invest in two subscription packages.

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  • Currently, mSpy develops tracking software for non-jailbroken iOS devices. Latest security updates made the jailbreak an unnecessary process, which may even expose the device to software vulnerabilities. To protect the devices of our customers, we offer No-Jailbreak subscription package, which allows monitoring the activity performed on non-jailbroken iOS smartphones.

    Rooting Android smartphone is not required to start using the mSpy software.

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    All the Basic subscription features, except e-mail monitoring, are available for unrooted Android smartphones. But if you want to go for advanced monitoring with a Premium subscription, rooting the target Android mobile phone is required. According to Free Software Foundation Europe, rooting does not void the statutory warranty. Although, in the warranty agreements the software manufacturers claim that rooting is an unapproved system modification, which does void the statutory warranty.

    There many controversies whether root access void the warranty or not, thus this question is currently unclear. What is clear, is that rooting is a reversible process. You can easily return the mobile phone to the initial out-of-box condition.

    How to install mSpy on Android and iPhone

    It is the optional assistance package, which includes help with rooting target Android device, guided installation, and setup of the mSpy software. Please be informed, that mSpy complies with all the legal terms regarding installation and use of parental control software. Our customers are obliged to adhere to our legal requirements, which imply that you are allowed to install the mSpy software on your own device, the device of your underage child or on the mobile device, whose owner is informed about monitoring and agreed to be tracked.

    The mSpy app starts collecting activity after it is installed on the target mobile phone. We do not offer monitoring services by the phone or IMEI number. You need to install and set up the mSpy software on the target smartphone to start monitoring the activity performed on the device.

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    It is absolutely legal to use mSpy if: You own the device monitored and the person who uses it is fully aware of it You monitor the device of your minor child Keep in mind that you are solely responsible for the use and misuse of the mSpy app. Can I install mSpy remotely? To make sure the iCloud automatically backs up the device, you need to make sure: iCloud Backup is enabled The device is connected to a power source The device is connected to Wi-Fi The screen of the device is locked Also, make sure that your iCloud has enough space for the backup.

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    • For iOS How can I uninstall mSpy? Where can I check data from the monitored device? What payment methods are available for purchasing mSpy? What will I see in my bank statement? What happens after the purchase? How often does mSpy information gets updated? Why does the monitored device require an Internet connection?

      How to install mSpy on Android and iPhone

      Can I monitor two or more devices? My monitored device is an iPhone. Do I need to jailbreak it to be able to install mSpy? What is rooting? Do I need to root Android device to use mSpy? Does Android rooting void warranty? How can I detect monitoring software on my smartphone or tablet? If you notice any illegal use of the mSpy app, please contact us instantly. Can you help me track the phone by its number? Is it possible to find the lost device? What if I need technical support? Support Priority Line - Support Priority Line is an additional package to your initial e-mail support and live chat assistance.

      Its three-month package costs equal to the monthly packages of top iPhone spying apps. In a short period of time, Appmia has grown in popularity and ranks 7th in our top 10 spying apps for iPhone It works great for your basic monitoring needs such as text messages, chats, location tracking and call monitoring.

      You can monitor a variety of devices with Appmia. Appmia lets you monitor Android devices, iPads, iPhones along with some versions of Nokia Symbian devices and Blackberry phones.

      What if the person you want to monitor has an old iPhone model?