Google now read text messages

The downside? Connect your iPhone to your vehicle via USB and then put it away.

How to Get Reading Texts Out Loud Feature in Android

Press the Siri button on the steering wheel to activate your personal assistant. You can verbally reply to text messages but not emails. All rights reserved. One of the best apps for having your messages read — emails, texts and instant messages — messageLOUD is a great tool for those who want to stay productive on the go.

Users' lack of awareness that everything they say is recorded — and potentially reviewed by humans — might be one explanation for it, while trading privacy for convenience, as ever, is another.

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With Google Assistant now reading and replying to messages from so many other apps installed on people's phones — it will be interesting to see how both Google and the third-party companies sell this change. Meanwhile, the Android Police piece speculates about the length of time Google has had the new feature in place and provides a how-to for users — without raising any concerns about the possible privacy implications of Assistant's new powers.

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  1. Google Assistant will also be able to send a reply through the assistant to these apps..
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  3. Google Assistant on phones can finally read and interact with text messages - 9to5Google;
  4. Google Assistant can now read and reply to messages from WhatsApp, Google Voice, others.
  5. A few important tips.

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  • Google Assistant can now read messages from third-party messaging apps like WhatsApp.
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    Google Assistant update adds third-party app support

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    Google Assistant can now read your Telegram and WhatsApp messages, raising privacy concerns

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    Google now read text messages - Can you go online and read text messages

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