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Trusted by Millions of Parents. WebWatcher Discreetly sends data on all Internet browsing and other web-related activity to a secure account. Android Monitoring No Rooting Required!


Compatibility WebWatcher is guaranteed to be compatible with all operating systems listed below. Android 4 — 9.

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GPS tracking has gained popularity in recent times and it is available in iPhones, Blackberry phones as well as Android and Windows phones and several other high end gadgets. It quietly records the locations and uploads to a secured server. You can easily monitor the location of your tracked device by simply going to the FollowMee website. It is also useful to locate your lost or stolen device.

It lets you track of where you and your phone is.

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It uses the phone background task to perform GPS tracking. It maps your daily commute and shows it on a map.

The app makes use of location services and also offers the possibility to connect to SkyDrive. This app offers you the peace of mind of knowing where your family and friends are without calling back and forth. You can install it on the phone and your location and location history are shared only with people you pair with. It helps you to easily track buddies and syncs routes.

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You can conveniently send your location to meet up with a colleague or friend. It is a good app when the purpose of GPS tracking is jogging, riding bike or walking.

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You can see the duration, distance and speed and a map with route. It also lets you upload the routes to SkyDrive to save them. It lets you send the location and track information to SMS, email, post to your favorite social network and more.