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In Stock. The owner personally reached out to me an addressed that the issues were with the specific camera that I got. He oversaw the quick turnaround to correct the issue and the new camera that we have has no issues whatsoever. The software that it is displayed on was having issues loading, but we deleted the program and reinstalled it and the issue was fixed. Thank you to the whole team. Looking forward to purchasing the rest of my IP cams from you!! Props to Deal Chaser for being a great dealer.

That being said I can't help but feel like this product is still a prototype. Here's why: First and foremost, our product showed delivered and was missing so we reached out Add to cart.

So about this camera, it is small and built very solid, you can put it in so many areas of your home or office it is so versatile. All you need to do is pull it out of the box and plug it in download the app and you are off and running. It has a great picture come with speaker, two way talk and listen very clear night vision and when you have the app open whether you are at home or away you can move the camera with just a touch of your finger you are able to scan your whole room.

I highly recommend this camera and at this price you won't find better!!! Only 1 left in stock - order soon. It works great you can actually leave it in color at night but having no sound. Currently unavailable. Brown Virginia.

Iphone surveillance cam app

They aren't cheap, but the construction is excellent for outdoor use and I really like having the on-board memory capability. You can send to an NAS, also store continuous on-board video and snapshots. FTP and e-mail alerts. The narrow field of view version is great for seeing license plates on a long driveway. The wide bullet camera's are great for outdoor doorway views. I cannot port forward due to my Internet provider locking the ports, but not a problem for viewing inside the house via my wireless router my primary interest is security while home.

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The camera's still e-mail me a few snaps while I am away, whenever someone comes by my house. No problems with that, even with port forwarding locked down. All my cameras do reach See All Buying Options. Finally after trying a few other cameras, I have found the one for me! You can check other reviews I've written on other cameras from other companies and you'll see I hold nothing back as far as how frustrated I have been trying to find a night vision home camera that not only works properly but records the way I need it to.

First off let me start by saying that the customer service had me at hello. Even before I received the camera, they were there to answer all of my questions. They did so quickly, politely and most of all After I got the camera and set it up, I still hounded them with a ton more questions and again, they were absolutely fantastic in making sure every one of them was answered. Thank you for that! Now to the camera I primarily use this at night so quality night Excellent picture quality day and night at a nice price. The only reason that I did not give it 5 stars is because of the bulky connector and my reluctance to drill large holes in my exterior walls.

To get around the problem I ran a bare UTP cable through the wall, sealed it then terminated it in an outdoor electrical box. Then I mounted the camera on an electrical box cover and stuffed the cables into the box. The camera kept working up until the electricity failed. And afterwards, when I fished the camera from the debris, took it home, and cleaned it up Alright, so I've had this camera up for just shy of a month now. It's a great camera, and it works very well.

Video quality is great, and the microphone quality is not awful. Ran into an issue however where the camera simply stopped working. Took it apart, couldn't figure out what was wrong with it, put it back together and now it works fine again. Definitely made me a bit uneasy, but it's working again so whatever. It also comes with a good looking and simple interface. This is also user-friendly as well, and it even allows users to implement video surveillance, tracking GPS location and event detection. All the home security apps introduced above are compatible with but not limited to these Android devices listed here:.

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See the best home security apps for your iOS devices like iPhone and iPad below:. Yes, as you may notice, many home security apps are compatible with Android devices and iOS devices. Reolink app stands out with the easy-to-use and fast features. You can download it on its official website or on App Store to work with its cameras, constituting as a powerful home security system. It is proven to be the best home security app for Android and iPhone to monitor things inside and outside your homes in real time. Place Anywhere. Here is the video streaming via the app Christmas present prank captured by Argus 2.

Most people have their old iOS phones they no longer use. And now, you can turn your old iPhone into a home security tool. With this home security app, you can best monitor your property in real-time.

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You can also get some notifications and alerts. It is difficult to be away from your house. So, if you are concerned about safety and security of your property then you may want to get iSentry home security application. Home owners will receive videos or photos when any alarming activity takes place. AtHome is much like iScentry. It's also the home security app for your iPhone that can turn your home computer into a web camera. You simply point your camera towards an area in your home and then you get the live view on your iOS devices.

It also features motion detecting and alarms. This is also proven to be an effective and simple application that enables users to monitor things inside their homes. This iPhone application for home security allows users to connect to their already-existing home security, and it is also helpful in terms of monitoring all homes and establishments in real-time via security tools and video monitoring. Choosing the best home security app for your iPhone or Android smartphone, without doubt, can double ensure the security of your home.

With these home security applications, you are guaranteed to receive notifications and alerts with any activities in your house while you are away!

Yolanda is an editor of Reolink, and also an independent writer showing great interest in technology and art. She has studied home and business security issues for years, and always shares useful tips and tricks with her fans. Very recommended, All of the Apps works really great.

Why Mobistealth is The Best iPhone Surveillance App

We are also introducing new next generation security apps to secure your home around Ireland. Here you can get more — home8security. You can also find out if your spouse or partner is cheating on you or get remote access to any mobile using just the phone number with the help of a penetration expert. That's a great help. Are these home security apps come with any additional mobile security for themselves from any malware's or viruses? Do we need to install any external mobile security additionally as an extra layer of security for these apps?

Hello, there, you can only access your security cameras via these home security apps by entering the correct passwords. It is best to set up a strong password rather than install any external mobile security additionally. Such apps work properly when they are connected to the Internet. So, you won't be able to use these apps offline. Hope this helps.

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